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Pacific Story

During and after the devastation World War II caused across Europe, some men and women in political and academic circles thought that Pacific Rim nations might emerge as great influences on the rest of the world. Pacific Story brought together experts to educate listeners about the history, politics, geography, and cultures of these nations. The 30-minute program aired on NBC between 1943 and Jan. 26, 1947.

Owen Lattimore, Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration's emissary to China, served as consultant to the show. Respected authorities on the areas such as author Pearl S. Buck and Henry Luce taught the radio audience about China, Hawaii (which was not yet a U.S. State), Indochina, New Zealand, Australia, India, Burma, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Siberia, and more. The shows are still important sources of historical information about Pacific Rim peoples and nations where listeners can get a glimpse into the past, present, and perhaps, the future.

Creators: Jennings Pierce, Inez Richardson Producer/Writer: Arnold Marquis Narrator: Gayne Whitman

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